The XPLR-140


This yacht marks the inaugural creation of the studio, outlining the key features of the Orion project.

Designed to navigate various climates, it can adapt and mold itself to the needs of its owner and guests in all seasons.

It provides expansive, versatile spaces, both covered and open, that seamlessly connect with the surrounding nature.


With our volonty to create sustainable boats, but more than just sustainability, our goal is to create a yacht which can remain with no emission during few day, running on batteries. We want to create experiences not disturbed by any engine sounds, or smell, and preserve the environment from our impact. As long you stay anchored, the solar panels will charges the batteries. 


Explore without any limits ! But in style


We belive in creating a strong identity, to match with the extraordinary experiences she supports. We created a Sabre which reinforce her strongness, as a bouclier against any weather. But it comes with a nice light signature to mark the difference with simple boats. But styling serves interests. The disgracefull navigation ligts take shape into the blade, giving her iconic style with no compromises. We love lights and darkness wont stop you. More than a signature, we provide our project with strong projectors to see beyond the darkness.