A first outdoor space, covered, serves to connect the salon to the sea. This area features large sofas and a vast sunbathing area. A small bar will facilitate refreshments for the guests.

Base Camp

On the Upper Deck, you will find the technical deck, where toys, jet skis, and submarines will be stored, well protected from the elements. This deck offers peripheral circulation around the boat to facilitate maneuvers from the helm. On this deck, you will find an immersive lounge, where you can interact with your friends outdoors, pilot your aerial and underwater drones, and capture the best shots and footage of your experiences, accompanied by state-of-the-art virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies.

At the front of this deck, there is a large sunbathing area. Depending on the configuration, you may find a beautiful Jacuzzi, protected storage spaces for two jet skis, or any other configuration you haven't even dreamed of yet.

Sundeck party

The sun deck offer a wide area convertible to any purpose, leisure, party, reception. We propose a bar to divide the area. Not just a bar, but a real exterior kitchen to propose to your guest the best barbecue cocktails with a view ! 

On the front area, a nice pool surrounded by lounge sofas, offers an imprenant view of the surrounding.