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Pierre-Hugues Vallin: For the Yachts of Tomorrow.

Passionate and qualified in Automotive Design, I found my calling in yachts by shaping my career alongside renowned studios, working on projects that were each more fantastic and innovative than the last. Today, I offer my pencils and ideas to bring your project to life.


My journey led me across Europe to join Mr. Garroni's design studio in Genoa, where I learned alongside the Professor the fundamentals of crafting exceptional boats. Subsequently, I brought my expertise to the prestigious Porsche Design in Austria, contributing to the GTT115 Yacht project in partnership with Dynamiq Yachts. This experience allowed me to blend the automotive elegance of an exceptional studio with the maritime world of a visionary entrepreneur, creating a unique symbiosis between the two realms.

I then joined Dynamiq Yachts in Monaco to further develop the GTT115 yacht project and a range of yachts, broadening my horizons in the realm of luxury yachts while maintaining a keen eye on energy efficiency and environmental impact.

My journey also took me to work with the legendary Italian design studio Pininfarina in Italy, where I honed the art of sophistication and Italian elegance in yacht design.

Finally, I joined Zuretti Interior Designer in Nice, where I showcased my skills in drawing, design, and 3D to craft interior layouts for world-class yachts.

With this wealth of experience, I have decided to take a bold step by founding my agency and offering my services to your most ambitious projects.


Garroni Projetti - 2014

Team member, development of design solutions for yachts. The Father of prestigious vessel, on sail and motor Mister Garroni penned some of the most beautiful lines for Jeanneau and many others.

Porsche Design - 2016

I took part of the developement of the project GTT115 for Dynamiq yachts. Making the gap between automotive and Yacht, the Porsche Design studio used is renowned to bring excellence on the water.

Dynamiq Yachts - 2017

Development of the GTT115, and creation of a complete range of yachts, state of the art of technologies, they bring hybridation to yachting and have a powerful idea of living aboard

Pininfarina Extra - 2018

I join another amazing studio where I took part of some projects for Princess Yachts.  The team was leaded by a strong obsession for the perfect lines, creating pieces of art on water.

Zuretti Interior Designers - 2018 2023



Our design process for bringing your projects to life is meticulously crafted to meet your expectations and achieve your goals. It begins with close collaboration with you, our client, to clearly define the project objectives and understand your aspirations.

Once the objectives are established, we create a detailed brief and guidelines to steer the project. This crucial step ensures mutual understanding from the outset and provides a solid framework for the rest of the process. We can work with moodboards, brainstormings, to hoghlight strong directions and make your project unic.

Next, our team embarks on a creative research phase, exploring different ideas and concepts through sketches and 3D models. This stage allows us to explore various possibilities and visualize the potential of each concept.

Once a concept is selected, we proceed to validate it by presenting it to you, our client. Your feedback is crucial at this stage to ensure that the concept fully meets your expectations.

After concept validation, we begin developing the idea, refining the details, and devising a strategy for implementation. This also includes technical development of the project and selecting appropriate materials to ensure both functionality and aesthetics.

Throughout the process, we maintain close relationships with our suppliers and service providers, overseeing every step of the project creation and construction until final delivery. This collaboration ensures that your project is executed to the highest standards and faithfully reflects your vision and objectives.

Our ultimate goal is to create design projects that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations, providing an exceptional experience for you and end-users.

Pierre-Hugues Vallin



We are always interested about new talents to join our team. Be welcomed and send us a mail, and will see what we could create together !