Interior meet exterior.

We gave the interior a gradation from exterior to interior. The entrance is surrounded by large volumes which ensure the continuity between exterior and interior enlighting the interior by reflecting the surrounding, inviting the ocean lights inside the salon. You'll find on our configuration, an exterior oriented sofa. When fully open, the deck create a large area between interior and exterior, as a very welcoming place. 

As you go foreward on the deck, lightness goes to darkness, as if your going deep in the abyss. On the large screens behind the dining table, you'll project all the films of your travel and experiences. The projection extends on the side walls and create a deep immersion with different level of projections. Not just screens, both are discret passage to the next areas (or can be closed). On starboard, you'll join the foyer, a hidden dayhead, your wine collection exposed and further your personal owner area.

On the other side, the Chinaware and the kitchen.

Your area can be customized as your wishes. On an option, you enter your private appartement with your office, or a massage room, and your full beam stateroom. In any case, we chose a nice private salon for you and your partner, large dressings, and wide windows.

Another configuration offers a wide bathroom first, a large full beam bedrooom and In front of the Stateroom, another secret area you'll keep as a private deck.


Welcome on board, enjoy your stay, and live your next unbelivable adventures.

The main deck is designed to accommodate guests and provide ample space for their sea-going experience. The immense salon, together with the dining area, occupies the entire width of the boat and offers breathtaking views of the open space at the rear. This grand salon can be adapted to host large parties and also presentations of the explorations carried out with the boat.

A secret passage? From the salon, a hidden door in the side reinforcements provides covered access to the Beach Club. Here, you will find everything you need for relaxation, including massage facilities, a sauna, and large armchairs to enjoy cocktails served right by the sea. This space also allows for storage of accessories for your cruise, such as bicycles, tenders, handheld submarines, and diving equipment.

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